Stargate Universe – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Peter Kelamis

Stargate Universe – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Peter Kelamis

Dr. Brody serves as one of Destiny’s most brilliant technical minds, the crew’s unofficial distiller of spirits and best of all, the prime source for dry humor and some witty, under-the-breath zingers.

Lucky for us, actor and stand-up comic Peter Kelamis who plays Dr. Brody has a few wisecracks of his own:

1. Was born in Australia to Greek parents… but hate lamb.

2. Ride a Harley Davidson V-Rod named “Fergie-The Black Eyed V.”

3. Did my first stand-up routine in front of my grade 4 class.

4. Have two Boston Terriers named “Marylyn” and “Bugsy”… that go everywhere with me.

5. Have a grandmother who was one of 13 children… if you introduce yourself to me as a distant cousin… I will believe you.

6. Am very handy with tools… and renovated my last 4 places by hand.

7. Am a huge Vancouver Canucks fan… this is the year dammit!

8. Am married to Alannah Stewartt… not Rod Stewart’s ex-wife (as posted by some websites)… but I’m sure she is very nice.

9. Have a re-curring nightmare every August when the “Back To School” commercials hit the air… the nightmare that I can’t remember my high school locker combination.

10. Do a ton of cartoon voices for cartoons… “Rolf” from ED, EDD & EDDY, “Goku” from DRAGONBALL Z, currently in ACTION DAD, 1001 NIGHTS… etc.

Follow Peter on Twitter @PeterKelamis

Courtesy of MGM Stargate


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