Stargate Universe – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alaina Huffman







Every week, we watch the sharp and strong-willed T.J. rescue her fellow crew members from wounded limbs, foreign viruses and other impossibilities aboard the Destiny.

Now get to know the woman behind the medic a little better, with facts straight from the source:

1. I grew up in rainy (but beautiful) Vancouver Canada so I SUCK at doing my hair.

2. I was convinced that I was going to marry Michael Jackson when I was younger. There’s a cassette tape of me telling just that to a physic when I was 12. I even made my Michael a cake every year on his birthday.

3. At 14 years old I moved by myself (mop head and all) to Tokyo Japan, and then to Germany, where I worked as a model before shaving my head near bald and making a career dash into acting.

4. I met my husband when I was 18 years old. 12 years later we are still best friends, a supportive parental unit and business partners with a vision for transmedia entertainment production.

5. I have three amazing kids, Elijah (6) Hanna (4) Charley-Jane (10 months). I want one more child so I recently got a dog (Bridget) to tide me over. What was I thinking… she’s harder to deal with then my damn kids!

6. I love to cook but I am the world’s worst baker… everything I attempt to bake turns into mushy stuff that you scrape from the pan. It tastes good but looks horrible.

7. My production company is called BullyVision because my husband calls me “Bambi the Bully”. He says that I bully everyone into doing things my way without them ever even knowing it. Hey, whatever works!

8. I launched a graphic novel with MTV on October 8th, 2010 at New York Comic Con. I created it with my husband John and writer Tony Lee. It’s called “Agent Mom”.

9. I love writers. My dream is to work with the best people in the world who write songs, comic books, novels, television scripts and screen plays.

10. After having Charley, I lost 30 pounds this year… mainly by pushing a limo length stroller stuffed with 120+ pounds of kids 7 miles up and down the hills of Coal Harbour everyday. Oh, and I cut dairy out of my diet.

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